ICC Durban (eThewini) has been awarded gold status by the Heritage Environmental Management Company. It has also achieved ISO 9001, ISO 22000, SANS 103330 HACCP, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 formal certifications for quality, safety and the environment.

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The ICC Durban has been voted Africa's Leading Conference Centre for 10 consecutive years in the World Travel Awards.

The International Convention Centre Durban’s (ICC Durban) green initiatives have seen the effective implementation of its environmental policies, extending down to its supplier chain. It supports customers in their efforts to reduce the negative impacts of their activities on the environment.

The ICC Durban (eThewini) is committed to minimising and reducing its consumption of natural resources, and has made significant strides in energy saving initiatives. It manages measures and reports on all aspects of its business that contribute to climate change

ICC Durban has instituted the following specific green initiatives:

Ice, made by an ice making machine, is used via the air conditioning unit to cool the building during peak hours, thus saving on power.

To decrease water consumption the ICC Durban has installed additional consumption measuring meters to investigate the viability of water recycling efforts.

All food waste is treated and processed or ground into small particles through a food disposal unit and then disposed of into the sewer system. This is an environmentally friendly and sustainable food waste disposal option that reduces transportation emissions and costs. As food waste is 70% water, the system reduces leach diverted from landfill and compost systems, which reduces potential contamination to ground water. The hygienic environment is also improved in comparison to food waste storage and collections.

ICC Durban does not generate large waste volumes. Waste produced is either recycled or disposed of through certified waste contractors and accredited services providers. All glass, paper, metal and other solid waste is sorted at the point of disposal and removed by a service provider.

All suppliers are required to adhere to relevant environmental legislation and they are encouraged to provide environmentally sound goods and services.

The company has introduced an employee wellness programme to assist employees in getting a healthy work-life balance and help with stress management.

In the air conditioning air handlers, all returned air is filtered to remove up to 99% of dust and precinct carbon particles, resulting in improved air quality.

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