The largest artificial pineapple in the world can be found in the town of Bathurst, in the Eastern Cape (some 55km from Grahamstown). It’s the locals way of paying homage to this prickly fruit that grows so well in the area, and tourists just love the idea of climbing inside an enormous pineapple.

Did you know?

Bathurst is one of the largest pineapple growing areas in South Africa.

The locals will tell you that the largest pineapple in the world is found in Bathurst in the Eastern Cape, and certainly no-one can argue that this 16,7m-high attraction doesn't dominate the landscape for miles!

The Big Pineapple was created by members of the agricultural community in Bathurst. The story goes that it was constructed between 1990 and 1992 on Summerhill Estate, after a few of the local farmers went to the Sunshine Coast of Australia, saw their Big Pineapple and decided to copy the idea... and better it!

Consisting of a fibre-glass skin covering a steel and metal superstructure, The Big Pineapple soon became a major Eastern Cape attraction.

Passers-by simply have to stop off and inspect this rather wonderful oddity that sticks out on the landscape like a sore thumb.

Inside the pineapple one can visit a 60-seater auditorium and watch a mini-documentary on the pineapple producing industry. On the second and third floors, there are fun displays of local agriculture and the animal and birdlife in the area.

The fun really starts as you follow the stairs up to the third floor observation deck - where you'll see fantastic views of the surrounding landscape. If that's not enough for you, then you can always jump onto the back of a farmer's tractor and ride through the pineapple fields.

The Big Pineapple is a load of fun, and the kids will just love this attraction. The local farmers will also gladly tell you that their big hairy fruit is indeed the largest in the world, pipping Australia's Big Pineapple to the post by a mere 70 centimetres.

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Who to contact

Big Pineapple
Tel: +27(0)46 625 0515

How to get here

The Big Pineapple is found on the outskirts of Bathurst, just off the R67, about 15km from Port Alfred.

Best time to visit

Anytime is a good time to visit. The Big Pineapple is open from Monday to Sunday from 9am to 5pm. During winter the closing time is 4pm.

Around the area

The Bathurst Agricultural Museum is worth a second look. For nature-lovers, there is the Moyapark Bird Reserve, and remember the City of Saints, Grahamstown is not too far way.

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Where to stay

There are a number of well-priced guest houses and B&B’s in the Bathurst area. You can also stay overnight at a working pineapple farm. In addition, The Summerhill Inn offers up inexpensive accommodation, and is pretty close to this attraction.

What to eat

There are some fun local restaurants in Bathurst.

Best buys

Pineapple chutneys and preserves and all sorts of weird and wonderful pineapple-inspired paraphernalia.

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