Drawing on the Cape's rich history as a trading port, this curio mega-store at the V&A Waterfront offers three floors of art, crafts and furniture. All items are made in Africa from a range of quality local materials and can be packaged and shipped to a destination of your choice.

Did you know?

Cape Town's history as an urban settlement began in the mid-1600's as a trading post for ships passing Africa en-route to the East.

The African Trading Port has the enviable reputation of being one of the 'must stop' spots for African arts, crafts and furniture at Cape Town’s famous V&A Waterfront.

African Trading Port in Cape Town is so much more than just a curio shop. It offers three floors of art and craft suitable for collections, home decor and personal use. This includes an excellent selection of sculptures, jewellery, tableware, textiles, ceramics, and furniture.

While small curios and trinkets abound in and around Cape Town, the African Trading Port is well-known for larger decorative items and a more sophisticated product range. The common link is that all the work on sale is indigenous to Africa and is of superior quality.

You will find one of the widest ranges of large, collectable items such as sculpted giraffes that stand six feet high, chairs and tables made from indigenous hardwoods, stone carvings that weigh several kilograms, beautiful hand-crafted pottery or delicate ostrich eggs – all of which require special shipping, which is arranged in-store, giving you peace-of-mind that your larger or more fragile purchases will make it safely back home.

The items on offer at the African Trading Port are more expensive than goods you will find in local markets – but you are paying for quality and unparalleled choice, along with efficient staff. The shop has long-established personal relationships with leading artists and offers value-added services that you won’t find at an informal market.

This African Trading Port in Cape Town is located just outside the V&A Waterfront shopping centre, in the old offices of the Port Captain. Whether you are buying or not, it’s a great place to wander around and enjoy viewing or buying some of the best art, craft and local furniture that you will find in South Africa.

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Who to contact

African Trading Port
Tel: +27 (0)21 419 5364
Cell: +27 (0)83 652 4940
Email: info@africantradingport.co.za

Length of stay

You can happily spend an hour or two at the African Trading Port on a day trip to the V&A Waterfront.

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