The Soweto bungee jump adds a whole new dimension to sightseeing in this famous township. Bridging the gap between adventure and township tourism, it allows visitors to enjoy one of its most famous landmarks like never before. Soweto bungee jumps and swings will have you falling head over heels for this township in no time.

Did you know?

The mural on Soweto's Orlando Towers was hand-painted and took 6 months to complete.

The Soweto bungee jump is one of the most exciting ways to see South Africa's biggest and most famous township. Based around the Orlando Towers – part of the old Orlando Power Station and a major Soweto attraction – outdoor adventure activities are fast changing the way visitors experience the township.

For a start, you now have the most awesome view of Soweto from the top of the towers. Then, of course, there's the adrenaline rush; never before have visitors been able to enjoy adventure activities such as these in genuine township settings.

A Soweto adventure experience includes the bungee jump, a tower swing (the world's first between two cooling towers), an internal tower swing and base jumping, all off the top of the west tower, some 100m up.

Once you're harnessed, an open-air lift transports you along the outside of the tower to a landing, 3m from the top. A quick walk along the floating staircase takes you to the tower's rim and either the sky-bridge (between the two towers) for the bungee or the platform for the swing.

And leap! The Soweto Bungee Jump sees you jumping 33 storeys down, and the Power Swing offers freefall for 40m until the swing cables kick in. The ominously named Abyss, another world-first, is similar to the Power Swing but sees you jumping inside the tower, swinging across the width of its base. There's also a viewing platform for the less adventurous.

The Orlando Towers played a significant role in Soweto's history. To mark this, the west tower has been painted to reflect the famous sons and daughters of Soweto as well as traditional township scenes. It's believed to be the biggest mural in South Africa and adds a creative edge to this historic landmark.

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