In South Africa, sound healing workshops are designed to help one release negative energy and absorb positive reinforcement through the power of sound – perfect for the open-minded traveller.

Did you know?

Sound therapy is a discipline recognised by the Institute for Complementary Medicine and the Complementary Medical Association of the United Kingdom.

In South Africa, sound healing is something of an ancient art-form. It may not have been called by any particular name by the African people, but music has always been an integral part of the African way of life. There are a number of sound therapy practitioners offering various services for the open-minded traveller.

South African sound healing practitioners offer a variety of different ways of using sound to heal body, mind and spirit. But first, what in essence is sound therapy?

According to the South African Centre for Sound Therapy, it is a recognised international discipline based on the philosophy that all organs and cells of the human body vibrate at a constant frequency. If a person is experiencing an imbalance of any sort (emotional or physical) these frequencies will shift, and will be out of kilter. What sound therapy does – through resonance treatments of various kinds – is restore the body's frequency to a stable condition, thereby giving the participant a feeling of well-being.

Sound healing in South Africa is available through various different sources. One can enjoy a Tibetan sound healing treatment at the upmarket Saxon Spa & Studio in Johannesburg, or make contact with the South African Centre for Sound Therapy, based near Hartbeespoort Dam in Gauteng province.

Another option is to make contact with Chris Tokalon of Sound Man, a musican who specialises in sound journeys and one-day workshops for adults. It's also a good idea to have a gander at Odyssey magazine, a local publication aimed at the spiritual and new-age community.

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Who to contact

South African Centre for Sound Therapy:
Tel: +27 (0) 71 682 2548 or visit

Chris Tokalon:
Tel: +27 (0) 72 220 3736 or visit

How to get here

The South African Centre for Sound Therapy is located in Meerhof, near the Hartbeespoort Dam, just 40 minutes from Pretoria with easy access from the N4 highway.

What will it cost

Therapy sessions vary in cost, please consult the service provider.

Length of stay

Therapy sessions last a couple of hours.

What to pack

If you're coming in summer always remember a hat, sun-block, sunglasses and insect repellent.

Best buys

Healing bowls, African drums and tuning forks can be purchased locally.

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