Scad diving is basically bungee jumping done backward and with 'no strings attached'. You fall 50m backward and land in a specially designed net that breaks your fall. Try this thrilling adventure activity at the Orlando Towers adventure park in Soweto.

Did you know?

The Orlando Towers in Soweto are over 100 metres high.

Scad diving, a recent addition to the thrilling list of Orlando Towers adventure activities, has become massively popular with adrenalin junkies looking for new ways to get their fix.

Scad stands for 'suspended catch air device' and scad diving does not involve any ropes or elastic ties. The only equipment participants need to wear is a CFF (controlled free fall) harness, which ensures that the body remains in the correct position throughout the fall.

Scad diving offers you the opportunity to experience falling backwards at high-speed while watching the drop-off point rapidly recede further and further away.

Research has found that the average person reaches speeds in excess of 100km/h during a 50m scad dive. However, because air tubes border the net that is used to break your fall in scad diving, participants barely even feel the landing.

There is no age limit for those who want to try scad diving. There is, however, a minimum weight – participants must weigh more than 35kg and not more than 110kg.

If you decide to take the plunge you will get a superb panoramic view of the Fourways area, north of Johannesburg, from the drop site. There will then be a countdown before you are released on your rapid descent.

Orlando Towers, fast becoming the premiere adventure activity venue in Gauteng, also offers bungee jumping, rap jumping, base jumping and a power swing fore those who need more than a solitary adrenalin fix.

Travel tips & Planning info

Who to contact

Orlando Towers Adventure Centre
Tel: +27 (0)11 312 0450

How to get here

The Orlando Towers can be found in Dynamo Street, Soweto.

Best time to visit

Johannesburg is famed for its great sunny weather, so any time of year is good.

Around the area

Soweto is home to many iconic Freedom Struggle sites, including Regina Mundi church and the Hector Pieterson Memorial and Museum.

Tours to do

Take a educational and fun township tour of Soweto.

What to pack

All equipment is provided. If you have a video camera, bring that along and the operators will film your fall.

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