Ronnies Sex Shop, the result of a friendly prank, is an institution in the Karoo. This fun pub has become a regular pit-stop for bikers, local farmers and just about any one in the area. Grab a glass and find out how Ronnies Sex Shop came into being….

Did you know?

There's a mineral hot spring just up the road from Ronnies Sex Shop called Warmwaterberg (hot water mountain).

If you don't believe the notion that ‘sex sells' then a small pub in the Karoo will definitely prove you wrong. Ronnies Sex Shop came into being because a few friendly pranksters had a daft idea.

This Route 62 attraction certainly makes for a fun tale. The story goes that Frank Ronald (Ronnie) Price bought a tiny farmer's cottage on a remote section of the R62. His aim was to open a farm stall, selling fresh produce to the passing trade. He painted the name ‘Ronnies Shop' on the side of the building, but business didn't get off to a cracking good start.

Then one day, his friends decided for a laugh, they would add the word ‘Sex' to the name, making it read ‘Ronnies Sex Shop'. Pretty soon this irresistible sign brought in loads of passers-by, and Ronnie's initial irritation was transformed as he began to see the business opportunity his establishment's newfound popularity presented. On the advice of these very same friends, Ronnie opened a pub... and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today Ronnies Sex Shop is one of the most popular route 62 pubs and bikers, travellers and holidaymakers make a point of popping into Ronnie's for a pint or two and a photograph of themselves next to the ‘Ronnies Sex Shop' sign.

As one would imagine, this rather unlikely pub does attract some customers who are actually looking for a bona fide sex shop, but Ronnie soon sets them straight - usually over a beer or two.

Over the years, Ronnies Sex Shop on Route 62 has become something of an institution and word has spread far and wide. People from all over the world are now keen to stop over at Ronnie's for a drink and some good-old fashioned bar talk and, of course, to take a picture to prove they were there.

Travel tips & Planning info

Who to contact

Ronnies Sex Shop
Tel: +27 (0)28 572 1153

How to get here

Ronnies Sex Shop is around 20km from Barrydale along the R62 towards Ladysmith.

Best time to visit

Ronnies is open from 10am to midnight

Around the area

Route 62 is a well-planned tourist route, and there are a number of activities to be enjoyed in the area. Make sure you visit the official Route 62 website and plan your trip carefully.

What will it cost

Depends on who's buying.

Length of stay

Stay as long as you like, the beer’s reasonable and the bar stories are good. If you’re driving and planning on having a few beers - make sure you book into a local guesthouse.

Where to stay

There are a number of basic options in the area – choose from B&Bs and guesthouses en route.

What to eat

Light bar snacks are available.

Best buys

Beer, of course!

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