Rap jumping allows adventure sport enthusiasts to move like Spiderman down the face of a building, safely harnessed to a rope. While traditional abseiling allows participants to watch the summit get further away, rap jumping allows you to watch the ground getting closer.

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In 2005, Steve Jones of the UK did a 100m rap jump in 36 seconds to set a new world record

Rap jumping, which is basically face-first abseiling, has fast become a popular activity for adventure sport enthusiasts in South Africa.

Rap jumping was first used as a military assault tactic, allowing for a far greater peripheral view during the descent than traditional abseiling does. It also requires a lot more bravery to take the initial leap.

The Orlando Towers in Soweto, Johannesburg, and the Shongweni Dam Nature Reserve outside Durban , are two of the best venues in the country for rap jumping. Other occasional rap jumping venues include the 24-storey Parktonian Hotel in central Johannesburg and the Golden Gate Bridge in the Free State province.

Various abseiling tour operators also offer rap jumping on request, as the same basic equipment set-up applies.

Rap jumping at Orlando Towers takes place on selected dates, usually on Sundays. Booking is not required, but you will need to contact the organisers in advance to find out when the next event is going to be held.

The jump is a hair-raising, 100m descent inside one of the towers. The package deal includes two jumps, giving adrenalin junkies the opportunity to be bolder the second time round.

Travellers visiting Durban can take a 45km drive inland to the Shongweni Dam Nature Reserve, where the experienced instructors of adventure tour group Spirit of Adventure will ensure a safe and enjoyable rap jumping experience down the impressive Shongweni Dam wall.

The descent is only 40m. However, while this may be lower than most other rap jumping venues, the vivid natural scenery and glorious fresh air certainly make up for it. This package deal also includes two jumps per person. Chances are you will want to do many more.

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