The Proudly South African campaign is modelled on the similarly successful campaign of Made in Australia. Launched in October 2001 by government, organised business, labour, and community organisations, the Proudly South African stamp of approval has taken great strides in placing South African-owned and managed businesses on the map.

Did you know?

Proudly South African is based on voluntary association.

The main aim of the Proudly South African campaign is to encourage South Africans to support local business. It's based on the premise that promoting consumption of local products by South Africans and tourists alike leads to job creation and hence economic growth.

Now almost as recognisable as the country’s flag, the Proudly South African stamp of approval has become synonymous with companies that are actively patriotic and driven towards sustainable growth of the local economy. It’s also become a signifier for consumers, who view it as an assurance of quality.

The joining criteria and compliance monitoring of existing members is strict, and include that at least 50% of the cost of production must be incurred in South Africa. There must also be 'substantial transformation' of any imported materials. A company’s labour legislation compliance is examined, and its environmental standards must adhere to acceptable practice.

To date well over 2 000 companies can officially boast being Proudly South African brands. These cover the spectrum from the food and beverage sector to entertainment, mining, airlines and even the media. There are no restrictions as to eligible industries − only compliance is required.

The brand is actively involved in stimulating other initiatives, all aimed at further mobilizing South African business, state organs, and the public around job creation, job retention, national pride and patriotism.

The premise is simple: ‘Buy local to create jobs.’  

Proudly South African has been awarded Superbrand status among giants such as ABSA, Coca-Cola, and chocolate manufacturers, Cadbury.

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