Grab your flippers and fins and go pelagic diving with mako and blue sharks – two of the world’s most majestic sharks. Head out to the deep ocean and search for the mako – the fastest shark in the sea – and the dazzlingly colourful blue shark.

Did you know?

The waters around the Cape Peninsula are not only home to many species of shark, but also a wide variety of whales and dolphins.

Seize a rare opportunity to encounter two of the world's most charismatic sharks when you go pelagic diving with mako and blue sharks.

As with Great White shark diving, you'll be safely tucked away in a cage, but on this occasion you will venture into the deep open ocean off the Cape Peninsula.

Pelagic diving with mako and blue sharks is a fascinating and thrilling experience that few people have the chance to experience. Both sharks are denizens of the open ocean and it's out there that you'll get to see them, some 15 to 30 nautical miles from iconic Cape Point.

The cobalt blue and silver mako is the fastest shark in the sea and is sometimes called the Great White of the open ocean, although it's not as bulky. The blue shark is long and slender, a deep indigo blue on its back that changes to bright blue on its sides and then to white underneath

It's not only deep underwater that you'll meet these magnificent creatures, but also on the surface as they are inquisitive creatures and may swim up alongside the boat. You could also see huge Yellowfin tuna, distinctive Hammerhead sharks and many other species of marine life.

If you're a birder there's an additional bonus as the shark-diving area is among the best in the world for spotting pelagic birds, including six species of albatross.

Your adventure begins when, after a two-hour boat ride, world-famous shark expert Chris Fallows finds the warm Agulhas Current that attracts huge numbers of fish and their predators – the mako and blue sharks. First you’ll fish for tuna as fresh shark bait and as soon as the first shark arrives, and after a detailed safety briefing, down into the depths you go.

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