The Mafikeng Game Reserve is a 5 000ha private game reserve in the North West Province’s central region. Located on the municipal boundary of the capital city Mafikeng, the reserve, literally on the town’s doorstep, is an ideal day trip that plays an important role in educating the region's children about conservation.

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The Mafikeng Game Reserve pioneered electronic tagging in an effort to stop rhino poaching

The Mafikeng Game Reserve is a popular recreational reserve that is home to approximately 2 000 head of plains game.

The landscape of this private game reserve comprises a mix of Kalahari thornveld, acacia bushveld and scrub, and is typically flat and dry.

Game viewing in this North West game reserve is exceptionally easy when visitors follow a self-drive loop through the park that takes no more than two hours at a gentle cruising speed. Wide, open plains and seasonal rainfall virtually guarantees animal sightings at the park’s man-made water points.

The Mafikeng Game Reserve is thus ideal for wildlife lovers with only a few hours to spare, or families with small children who cannot manage the many hours of patient spotting for wildlife that other game reserves demand.

Numerous opportunities to spot all the principle species – including white rhino, buffalo, gemsbok, and giraffe – is a special feature of this private reserve that also boasts large populations of springbuck, zebra, kudu, red hartebeest, black wildebeest, ostrich and warthog.

When the seasonal summer rains arrive, the Molopo River, dry for most of the year, begins to flow, attracting birds such as waxbills and finches, as well as waders and other migrant species. Birding enthusiasts will want to keep an eye out for the park’s breeding pairs of secretary birds and Cape, lappet-faced and white-backed vultures.

An important breeding centre in the region, the Mafikeng Game Reserve has programmes to conserve the white rhino and the Cape buffalo. An absence of predators means that antelope populations rise quickly, so the park is also involved in game capture and relocation to ensure a healthy and balanced eco-system.

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