Experience the attractions of Lowveld Legogote, Mpumalanga, and encounter the secrets of the dinosaurs and cave people in an ancient grotto. This is a land where wild horses roam free in South Africa's largest valley on the fringes of the world's biggest man-made rain forest.

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The legendary Kruger millions are thought to be hidden in the Sudwala Caves.

Wild horses won't drag you away from Lowveld Legogote, Mpumalanga. History, culture, wildlife, and adventure are only some of the Lowveld Legogote attractions.

Enter the Legogote via Mbombela (Nelspruit), a vibrant agricultural town set amidst lush hills and valleys. Here you'll find some of the riches of South Africa's flora in the 183ha Lowveld National Botanical Gardens, that straddle the Crocodile and Nels rivers. Take a leisurely walk through an African tropical rain forest − the largest man-made rain forest in the world − into South African forest and dry bushveld, and admire baobabs, corkwoods, cycads, bush willows and more. The Gardens are also an archeological site with remains dating back to the earliest hominids.

More ancient still are the Sudwala Caves 30km outside of Mbombela (Nelspruit). Held to be the oldest dolomite caves in the world, this mythical location provides a record in stone of life beneath the surface of an inland sea millions of years ago. At Sudwala, you can also discover Africa's prehistoric past in the dinosaur park. You can always compare these reptiles with their modern cousins at the Nelspruit Reptile Park on the banks of the Crocodile River.

Some 25km from Nelspruit on the edge of the Barberton Crater − the largest valley in South Africa − lies Kaapsehoop, once a gold mining town, now a quiet haven famous for its herds of wild horses (unique in South Africa) as well as arts, crafts, and a historic village. Schoemanskloof Valley has hikes catering for every fitness level.

Further activities in Lowveld Legogote include watersports on Da Gama dam near the town of White River, where you can enjoy a unique dining experience at Ijabula Boma and see Legogote, 'the rock that leans'.

Finally, take a tour of Kanyamazane for a colourful South African township experience.

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