Led by adventure sport specialists, the Kalahari Eco Ultra Walk takes you on a 101km or 301km journey on foot through the arid yet beautiful Kalahari Desert. Fortunately your backpack is transported for you.

Did you know?

The Kalahari Eco Ultra Walk was initially created for women as it provided a safety platform and backup logistics.

The Kalahari Eco Ultra Walk is addictive. There's something unusually special about strapping on your hiking boots and walking across the Kalahari Desert.

Adventure tourism operator Frik Olwage, who started these annual five- and 10-day walks 12 years ago, ascribes it to the 'spirit of the Kalahari'. He says that when you walk in this arid landscape and meet the people who live in it, it gets inside of you.

Participants need to be of average to good fitness. Each group is never larger than 16 people and Frik and his wife Lizette, who is the guide on the walks, look after all your needs.

The Olwages will meet you at the airport in Cape Town or Upington. Your backpack is transported for you in the support vehicle, while farmers and communities along the way provide accommodation and meals.

This Kalahari hike start at the farm Daberas (meaning 'water that makes a noise' in the San language – it is situated next to the Augrabies National Park with its thundering falls). From there the walk heads for the Riemvasmaak Wilderness Area and its healing hot springs – just the answer for aching muscles.

The local Riemvasmaak people entertain and cook for you – traditional bredies (stews) and roosterbrood (fire-baked bread). 'We always ask hikers to bring along pencils and books for the children or they can make a donation to the school,' says Lizette.

Next is the Green Kalahari along the Orange River where you visit a grape and herb farm, and a winery called Bezalel that produces pot brandies and mampoer (moonshine). 'Some aren't so keen to walk after that,' laughs Lizette.

The red dunes of the Kalahari follow, where you walk the 'streets' between the dunes and experience mirages on a 15km-wide saltpan. You will overnight at a farm here and there is nothing quite like a braai (barbecue) on the saltpan at full moon.

The walk ends in Upington where you will receive a rose quartz trophy, handmade by Frik, for completing the challenge.

Travel tips & Planning info

Who to contact

Eco Ventures
Mobile: +27 (0)82 883 0093
Tel: +27 (0)21 972 1033
Email: explore@ecoventures.co.za

How to get here

The organisers will either meet you at Cape Town International Airport and drive you to Upington, or you can meet them in Upington. You can fly to Upington from Cape Town or Johannesburg.

Tours to do

Eco Ventures offers a range of hikes, from shorter, holiday tours to ultra hikes like this one.

Get around

The organisers have a backup vehicle which transports you to and from Upington, where the walk starts and ends. In between, it's all on foot.

What will it cost

The five-day walk is about R6 500 per person and the 10-walk is about R9 700 per person. This includes transport (excluding flights), meals and accommodation.

Length of stay

Five or 10 days, plus two days travelling time.

What to pack

The organisers will provide you with a full list of what to bring when you make a booking.

Where to stay

All accommodation on the walk is included in the cost.

What to eat

All meals and snacks are provided. Simply inform the organisers when you book if you have any special dietary requirements.

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