Company's Garden in Cape Town is a great place for travellers to spend a few hours unwinding and exploring the natural, historical and architectural attractions. Located right at the heart of the Mother City, the garden is easily accessible and contains lots to see and do.

Did you know?

Company's Garden was established by the Dutch East India Company in the 1650s for food.

A trip to the Mother City would perhaps not be complete without a visit to the Company's Garden in Cape Town city centre. Home to historic buildings, museums, places of worship and an art gallery, it is also simply known as the Cape Town Gardens.

It offers a shady green place to wander and dream and is close to the imposing Houses of Parliament and the Slave Lodge, once the residence of the slaves who played a big part in building Cape Town. Then visit the Iziko South African Museum, which features one of South Africa's only two planetariums (the other one is in Johannesburg).

Don't miss South Africa's oldest cultivated pear tree and the rose garden built in 1929, which has maintained its original appeal. At the scented garden for the blind, close your eyes and inhale the different fragrances.

The gardens are home to a number of squirrels happy to pose for your photographs.

Nearby places of worship at the gardens include St George's Cathedral (seat of South Africa's Anglican Church) and the Great Synagogue. There is also a Holocaust Centre.

Watching over the area is a statue of Sir George Gray, the Cape Colony's governor from 1845 to 1862. There are also the Cecil John Rhodes statue and the Delville Wood Memorial Garden (commemorating the battle of Delville Wood in WWI where many South Africans lost their lives). These are further examples of the historical importance of the gardens.

Before you leave, take a stroll along the main avenue for a chance to see some of the city's fine arts and crafts.

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