The Highgate Ostrich Show Farm in the Western Cape town of Oudtshoorn claims to be the 'world's first and finest and most original ostrich show farm'. Those who have visited the historic venue agree. Come and meet the largest birds on the planet.

Did you know?

An ostrich egg has the equivalent volume of 24 chicken eggs.

Oudtshoorn boasts the largest population of ostriches on the planet and many of them are based at the Highgate Ostrich Show Farm, which has been entertaining the public since 1938.

One of the main attractions at this Oudtshoorn ostrich farm is the daily ostrich racing, featuring colourfully dressed local 'jockeys' who enjoy the competition just as much as the spectators. Despite weighing as much as 160kg, ostriches can run at speeds of up to 70km/h, making them nearly twice as fast as the average Olympic sprinter – but over longer distances.

Depending on their weight, visitors are also given the opportunity of riding or sitting on the ostriches, providing priceless photos for the holiday album. Explorers can stand on ostrich eggs to test their amazing strength.

The ostriches at the ranch are tame, so visitors can feed and handle them, as well as get the opportunity to cuddle fluffy ostrich chicks.

Tours of the ranch are guided, with multiple languages offered. Guests will leave with a great understanding of ostriches, as well as a handful of interesting facts to repeat at dinner parties.

The curio shop stocks a variety of ostrich products, including decorated ostrich eggs, coloured ostrich feathers, ostrich leather handbags and briefcases, as well as ostrich feather boas. Perhaps the most novel item on sale at the curio shop is an ostrich shell bra.

These products are manufactured on the premises and visitors are invited to learn more about the production process.

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