What person in their right mind would throw themselves off the edge of a gorge, and find someone crazy enough to join them? You would! Grab your loved one, or your best friend, hold hands (for support), and just do it! And if that's not enough, there's always the zip line...

The Lowveld is full of adventure highs, and Graskop’s gorge swing rates up there with the best of them.

Teetering on a tiny platform, with only a cable and a fellow adrenalin-junkie for company (if you go tandem) prepare to freefall 68m, plummeting 0-160km/h in three seconds, swinging out like a human pendulum across the gorge. The views are spectacular and so is the after-rush.

Get a double buzz and zip slide (a zip line is a high speed pulley that uses gravity to accelerate along a steel cable) across the gorge too. The locals call it ‘foefie sliding’ and it’s a ‘hang-on-for-dear-life’ ride down a wire suspended 80m high, and 130m across the gorge.

‘Fly’ at breakneck speed, wind screaming in your ears – a high octane burst of elation and an eye-full of the magnificent Graskop Falls are your reward.

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