Getting a special potion brewed up for any requirement from impotence to wealth attainment has never been so easy. The Faraday Muti Market combines rural African mythology and mysticism with the heady pace of the urban milieu. Delve into the esoteric heart of Africa.

Did you know?

The Faraday Muti Market is also known as Ezinyangeni, which is a Zulu word that means 'the place of healers'.

The Johannesburg muti market in Faraday Street is abuzz with people pretty much any time of day searching for herbs, animal skins, good luck charms and healing potions.

For a little hard currency you can get a diviner to throw the bones for you and predict the future. Step into a consulting room with your medicine man of choice and tell him your problems. Is your wife or husband cheating on you? Will your boss give you a raise? Have a brew specially mixed up to alter future outcomes in your favour.

There are many consulting rooms, each with a doorway that is only 1.6m high. They are built like this to force clients to stoop as they enter. This is an attempt to recreate the traditional way of entering a healer's hut. It gives the space a sense of ceremony, and by stooping you are also showing reverence for the healer and indicating that you are ready to submit to his or her wisdom.

The market has given a home to the sangomas (traditional healers) who used to trade out in the open beneath the highway a few blocks from where the Faraday Muti Market is now located. This has formalised their presence and has allowed them to make a decent living doing what they love. And the presence of the nearby Faraday taxi rank means ease of access to customers coming from all corners of South Africa.

Local artists were also commissioned to create mosaic work on the buildings and pavements. These add vibrancy and life to a place already teeming with energy.

Experience the healing magic of Africa amid the bustle of one of her biggest cities. The market is open six days a week and is a popular tourist attraction.

Travel tips & Planning info

Who to contact

Joburg Connect Call Centre
Tel: +27 (0)11 375 5555

Johannesburg Tourism Company
Tel: +27(0)11 214 0700

How to get here

The market can be found on Faraday Street in downtown Johannesburg. Any taxi will know where to go.

Best time to visit

The market can be visited all year round.

Around the area

The world-famous Market Theatre and the Nelson Mandela Bridge are within walking distance.

Tours to do

Check Gauteng Tourism for day tours of Johannesburg.

What will it cost

There is no charge to enter the market. Once you’re in, it depends on your bargaining skills.

Length of stay

The market can be seen in a morning.

What to pack

You're going to be walking through inner-city crowds, so exercise caution with your belongings. No flashy jewellery, don't wave your camera about and know where your bag is at all times.

What to eat

There are loads of food stalls although some of the eating is not for the faint-hearted.

Best buys

A half-hour 'consult' with one of the traditional healers.