In South Africa, drumming workshops are quite popular with those who love music, those who love a bit of new-age therapy and those who enjoy a bit of both. Just think of it – starry skies and the thump of African drums reverberating through the air…

Did you know?

In Africa, drumming has been used for centuries in religious and ceremonial events. It was also used as a form of communication.


Drumming workshops offer participants the opportunity to get together with like-minded souls and enjoy a few hours pounding away on African drums. There are a number of private companies who will organise drumming workshops for groups, usually at an outdoor location.

These drumming workshops in South Africa work around the theme of raising one's vibration by pounding away at a djembe or a variety of different African drums. The facilitators of these workshops will guide you in the basics of drummings – so it's not quite a free for all – and then as a group you will make a unified sound. Generally, drumming circles take place in the outdoors and are especially enjoyable on warm summer evenings.

South African drumming workshops are spread out in different areas. The Klitsgras Drumming circle hosts regular drumming events around the country. Their homebase is in Pretoria and you can book to participate in a day-long drumming workshop facilitated by musician Andries Bruyns.

In Cape Town, you can enjoy interactive drumming workshops with brother and sister team, Julie and Johnny Blundell through their company, The Rhythm workshop. Groups can be anything from 10 to 3000 people and Johnny and Julie believe in the unifying power of music to bring people together.

There are branches of Drum Cafe in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Knysna. This experiential company offers interactive and group drumming around the country. The mentors at Drum Cafe offer various styles of drumming including Zulu drumming, fusion drumming and gumboot dancing. The Drum Cafe will also teach participants to gumboot dance, if required.

Drumming SA organises drumming events nationwide and specialises in team-building drumming sessions. They'll also throw in a fire-eating display as an added extra. For something a little different, Chris Tokalon (aka The Soundman) offers therapeutic sound workshops where one can utilise the healing power of drumming to create meaningful healing and change.

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Who to contact

The Rythym Workshop
Tel: +27 (0)21 797 7926

Drum Café, Johannesburg:
Tel: +27 (0) 11 834 4464

Drumming SA:
Tel: +27 (0) 21 683 0722

How to get here

It’s a good idea to contact some of the drumming facilitators and if you have enough people to run a workshop they will come to you.

Best time to visit

Anytime is a good time to enjoy the benefits of drumming workshops.

What will it cost

Costs vary depending on how long the workshops run for. Some workshops are free, so enquire beforehand.

Length of stay

Some workshops last for an hour or 2, while others last for a day or a weekend.

What to pack

If you are going to be drumming outdoors all day you'll need sunglasses, a hat, sunblock and a few litres of bottled water.

What to eat

Bring supplies along unless otherwise notified.

What's happening

Visit the various drumming websites to find out what's on the calendar.

Best buys

Buy a traditional African drum at African markets and art & craft galleries and shops.