Drakensberg rock art is hidden away in remote caves, but what a thrill to find it! The Giant's Castle area boasts a number of these locations which are unmapped. It requires adventurous, fit hikers to find the artworks on their own – a truly rewarding experience.

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The ingredients that went into the paint that the San used to create rock art include blood, gall, egg white and ochre.

The Drakensberg mountains in KwaZulu-Natal boast the greatest concentration of San Bushman rock art in South Africa, much of it in remote, supremely beautiful surroundings.

Subject matter includes animals like the revered eland antelope, human figures and therianthropes (metamorphosis from human to animal).

Among the most accessible Drakensberg rock art sites is the open-air Bushman Cave Museum in the Giant's Castle Reserve, established in 1903 and run by KwaZulu-Natal Nature Conservation. A short walk takes you to the cave, which features 500 rock paintings, some of which are estimated to be around 800 years old.

In Ndedema Gorge 3 900 paintings have been recorded at 17 sites, more than 1 000 in the Sebaayeni Cave.

In the Cathedral Peak-Mdelelelo Wilderness Area around 130 sites feature more than 8 800 individual paintings.

At Kamberg, in the Estcourt district, it's worth taking a guided hike to Shelter Cave – a return hike takes around four hours – but there is a small overnight chalet if needed.

Nearby Royal Natal National Park offers an easy walk along the upper reaches of the Tugela River, starting from the park visitors' centre and heading into the Sigubudu Valley, to reach some of the rarest San paintings in the Drakensberg.

In the Little Berg has many unmapped rock art sites, however the Bushman's Nek Hotel has its own rock art display and offers directions to some of the caves. A difficult four-day hike from Bushman's Nek police post traverses steep slopes, but finding caves adorned with long-hidden paintings is particularly rewarding.

Garden Castle is the southernmost region of the uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park and incorporates the Bushman's Nek Valley. It is dominated by rhino peak at 1840 metres with magnificent views from Lesotho to East Griqualand. From the Garden Castle Natal Parks Board office a steepish walk of about 5km takes you to Bushman's Cave. Sleeping in any of the caves in this area is forbidden.

Some of the most striking Drakensberg Bushman paintings grace the walls of remote caves that are unfortunately out of bounds to hikers. Experts on rock paintings contend that San Bushman art is among the world's most sophisticated art forms.

Apart from its rich repository of Bushman art to be found in caves and overhangs, the Drakensberg is home to endemic wildlife including buck species, baboons and raptors.

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