Coffeebeans Routes shows you Cape Town's fringe, the real, interesting people who make up the heart of its vibey arts, culture and music scene. Tour with Coffeebeans Routes and experience the rhythms of hip-hop, reggae and jazz that resonate boldly from almost every Cape Town township and inner-city community.

Did you know?

Cape Town was originally developed by the Dutch East India Company as a supply station. 

Cape Town is the hub of South Africa's arts and culture scene. Aside from all the art galleries, museums and theatres the city also boasts excellent and diverse live music and well patronised eateries. 

In a nutshell, this "sleepy town" pumps 24/7. To experience Cape Town's pulsing diversity, try one of the Coffeebeans Routes and explore the heart and soul of the city.

On one of these Cape Town cultural tours, you get to mingle with Cape Town's vibrant, multicultural communities while meeting musicians, artists, storytellers, poets, sportsmen, spiritual leaders and talented gardeners.

For discerning music-lovers, go on a Jazz Safari, an evening tour through Cape Town's exciting jazzed-up night life. On this township tour of Cape Town, meet some of the city's top jazz artists and enjoy the unique opportunity of an intimate performance in their homes, then finally a light meal at a jazz club.

The Reggae Rootz Route takes you to a typical reggae dancehall on a tour of Cape Town's laid-back Rasta scene. On the Hip-Hop Route you get to explore the city's hip-hop music scene via the artists, while getting a once-in-a-lifetime glimpse into the lives of these interesting township denizens.

With Coffeebeans Routes you get a taste of what's on the fringe, from charming outdoor tours of indigenous nurseries and extraordinary private gardens that celebrate the city's unique and magnificent flora, to an Art Route that offers a more intimate experience of the arts while exploring the homes and studios of Cape Town's talented and dynamic visual artists.

Travel tips & Planning info

Who to contact

Coffeebeans Routes
70 Wale Street, Cape Town, 8001
Tel: +27 21 424 3572

How to get here

Coffeebeans Routes has an office in Cape Town's Wale street from where their tours usually depart, though they can also collect a private group from their hotel or guesthouse.

Get around

An experienced Coffeebeans tour guide will take care of you.

What will it cost

This depends on the tour you take.

Length of stay

A township tour typically takes four to five hours, including lunch.

What to eat

Try some traditional township fare at a shebeen. Western food is also available for the less adventurous.