The Cheerio Gardens in Limpopo's Magoebaskloof have delighted visitors for over 50 years. These public gardens are famous for their spring spectacle when hundreds of azaleas and cherry trees blossom in a riot of colour, a highlight of the annual Spring Fair held in the nearby village of Haenertsburg.

Did you know?

Magoebaskloof is home to the tallest blue gum tree in the country, measuring over 90m.

The Cheerio Gardens are set in a quiet valley in the blue-green mountains of Magoebaskloof. From Haenertsburg, the quaint hamlet that is the heart of Magoebaskloof, it's a scenic drive, ridden with picnic spots and lookout points, to these historic public gardens.

A series of dams form the centre of Cheerio Gardens. Apart from the giant African tree ferns dotting the banks, the garden is delightfully old-world English, featuring pin oaks, elms and crab apple trees.

Cheerio Gardens is famous for its spring spectacle, when the azaleas and cherry trees blossom, and the camellias, hydrangea, irises and foxgloves begin to flower. It's a delight of impressionistic pinks and purples, mauves and scarlets; and the highlight of the annual Haenertsburg Spring Fair.

The pioneering Sheila ‘Box’ Thompson, whose parents had settled in Magoebaskloof some years previous, started the gardens in 1946. She was a dedicated gardener and collector of plants, seeds and cuttings, and began her garden with a handful of flora and great determination.

In the 1950s, 'Box' Thompson was sent six flowering cherry trees by the Emperor of Japan's physician who had visited her gardens previously and declared it one of the most beautiful he had ever seen. Today there are hundreds of flowering cherry trees, and Cheerio Gardens continues to delight and amaze visitors with its floral poetry.

Enjoy a gentle wander around the gardens, or a quiet lunch at the tea garden overlooking a dam. There is a small retail nursery at the gardens if you're keen on a souvenir plant to take home.

Magoebaskloof is one of Limpopo's most scenic areas, with its panoramic mountain views, thick indigenous forests and many rivers and waterfalls. From hiking and rambling to trout fishing and rock climbing, Magoebaskloof offers diverse adventures and genuine village hospitality.

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