Bokpoort Horseback Adventures offer amazing horseback expeditions into the scenic Maluti Mountains that border with Lesotho. Choose your horse or sure-footed pony and set out on a short two-hour ride or a multi-day trail. Walk, trot, canter or gallop - it's up to you.

Did you know?

Bokpoort is slowly building a herd of specially bred appaloosas.

Just outside the Free State town of Clarens lies Bokpoort Horseback Adventures & Holiday Farm, which has offered horseback safaris in the region for nearly two decades. Horseback tours can last from two hours to several days, with many different packages in between.

This well-known and reputable farm (it's been in the Roos family for five generations) offers both short rides in the area near the farm and multi-day trails that hug the Lesotho border and head up into the mountains. The knowledgeable and accredited guides will ensure the best horseback experience possible.

One of the most popular of these is the Snowy Mountain Trail, an overnight two-day safari that will take you high into the Maluti Mountains.

The farm offers well-trained, sure-footed horses that are bred for climbing mountains. Among the breeds on the farm are Appaloosas, Boerperd and Basotho ponies.

With so many horses to choose from, every rider will receive the right horse to suit their experience level. Are you a beginner? Then take a gentle walk and enjoy the incredible views. Are you an experienced rider? Then opt for exhilarating gallops over the plains and get great close-up views of the game in the area. Watch out for eland, zebra, Red hartebeest, Black wildebeest, blesbok, springbok and rhebuck.

There are also mountain bike trails available (bring your own bikes), trout fishing in the nearby rivers and horse-cart rides. For horse lovers, Bokpoort offers a fun and challenging experience in the natural splendour of the Eastern Free State.

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Who to contact

Bokpoort Horseback Adventures
Tel: +27 (0)58 256 1181
Mobile: +27 (0)83 744 4245

How to get here

Bokpoort Horseback Adventures & Holiday Farm is five minutes outside Clarens in the Free State. You will need your own vehicle to get there.

Best time to visit

Bokpoort Horseback Adventures is open all year, but the summer months from September to April are best.

Get around

On horseback, mountain bike or foot.

What will it cost

Accommodation ranges from R350 to R500 per person per night for a minimum of two nights. Horseback tours start from around R350 per person and R800 a day for overnight trails.

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