The Ardmore Ceramic Art Studio has grown from a simple collaboration between two artists into one of South Africa’s most celebrated ceramic art studios. It is known for its daring mix of unusual ceramic art techniques and its bold display of Zulu colour and folklore in its designs.

Did you know?

Bonnie Ntshalintshali and Fee Halsted Berning jointly received the 1990 Standard Bank Young Artist Award.?

Ardmore Ceramic Art Studio produces functional and decorative art inspired by Zulu folklore and the rich colours of this South African culture.

Originally started on Ardmore farm in the foothills of the Drakensberg Mountains, this contemporary art success story is now located in the Caversham Valley where you'll find a studio, museum, gallery and offices.

Ardmore Studio's journey began when ceramicist and painter Fée Halsted took on her first student, Bonnie Ntshalintshali, the daughter of her housekeeper who was disabled due to polio.

Bonnie was a quick learner and, within five years, Bonnie and Fée garnered national and international recognition for their ceramic art. (Together they won the Standard Bank Young Artists' Award in 1990). Soon, more members of Bonnie's family signed up to learn how to make ceramics and the partnership developed into the Ardmore Ceramic Art Studio.

Ardmore's modern art style breaks many ceramic conventions. The techniques used by the studio have emerged from years of experimenting with materials and processes, producing vibrant colours and enormous attention to detail.

Ardmore Caversham is situated only a few kilometres from the N3 and makes an ideal home for Ardmore Ceramics. It provides infrastructure and training for a diverse group of self-employed artists. They are introduced to electric kiln firing and are equipped with the technical skills needed to use modern ceramic equipment and materials .

Ardmore ceramics are now highly collectable and the studio's artists continue to win prizes locally and internationally. Their work celebrates the power of the African imagination as the studio's artists are able to reflect their culture and experience in the work they produce.

Sadly, Bonnie died in 1999 but her contribution to the Ardmore ceramic brand is recognised in the Bonnie Ntshalintshali museum.

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Who to contact

Ardmore Ceramic Art Studio
Tel: +27 (0) 33 234 4869

How to get here

The main Ardmore Ceramics studio and gallery is just off the N3, close to the town of Winterton in KwaZulu-Natal. See their website for a map and detailed directions.

Around the area

The Bonnie Ntshalintshali Ceramic Museum is located on the premises of the Ardmore Ceramic Art Studio (Caversham).

What will it cost

Entrance to the studio and gallery is free.

Best buys

Ardmore has stockists around the world. Once can also buy their ceramic art online, through their website.

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