Maybe you've already visited Maropeng, the Cradle of Humankind's award-winning visitor centre, where you've been introduced to the history of humankind. Now you feel like a taste of adventure. Why not go abseiling?

Did you know?

The Wonder Cave's permanent residents include troglobites – blind shrimps that can never leave the cave.

Need an adrenalin rush? Then why not go abseiling at the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site.

Wild Cave Adventures has a variety of exciting adventures on offer in the area, from caving and abseiling to rock climbing and hiking.

All caves have their own weather systems depending on wind, air temperature, barometric pressure and water. But mostly (unless you're attempting one of the difficult adventures) you'll stay dry and comfortable.

If you are a beginner then do the Bat's Cave abseil first, a perfect starter excursion with no experience needed. You'll abseil down 17m through the roof of the cave. There is no steep climbing and no traverses, but you will have to crawl on hands and knees for a bit. Everyone aged 8 to 70 is welcome.

If you prefer rockface abseiling then make the Crystal Cave your destination. Crystal Cave is a private cave which allows no other sightseeing tours so you will be pretty much alone during the 34m abseil.

Outside Adventures offers an abseil experience at Wonder Cave. Here, instead of taking the lift down into the cave, you can abseil 18m down from the lift platform and then go on a guided tour of the cave. A visit to the main Wonder Cave is a memorable experience. It has a huge central chamber (accessed by steps and elevator), rimstone pools, stalactites, stalagmites and amazing rock formations, some over 15m high.

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