The waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the Western Cape province are not all that warm, which is why many adventurers in these parts prefer to be on top of the ocean, rather than in it. But while the waters may not be warm, they are, however, undeniably welcoming.

Did you know?

The Western Cape is home to two oceans: the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean.

Sea kayaking is a popular mode of exploration in the Western Cape. It’s an activity that allows for exercise, relaxation and sightseeing.

Whales, dolphins, sharks, sunfish and seals are just some of the marine wildlife that are common in these parts, while a superb blend of urban and natural landscapes offers an excellent backdrop along most kayaking routes.

In and around Cape Town, there are numerous operators offering sea-kayaking trips.

Simon’s Town, approximately 30 minutes' from the Cape Town city centre, boasts a penguin colony as well as fantastic kayaking conditions. Simon’s Town's Sea Kayak Trips offers the opportunity to view this fantastic stretch of coastline from the sparkling blue waters that surround it.

Experienced and energetic paddlers will enjoy the Cape Point kayaking tour, run by the same company.

Langebaan, a West Coast town 90 minutes' drive from Cape Town, is a great destination for first-time sea kayakers. Gravity Adventures has a sea-kayak rack on the beach and rents kayaks, life jackets and oars for sessions that range from an hour to a full day. The waters of this bay are very gentle, allowing even novices to quickly adapt to sea kayaking.

Hermanus, approximately two hours drive east of Cape Town, is known for offering the best land-based whale watching in the world. Walker Bay Adventures has been taking explorers on sea-kayaking trips along the coast of Hermanus for the past 13 years.

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