On weekends the Maloof Skate Plaza in Kimberley throbs with skateboarders of all ages, particularly youngsters who come to learn how to skateboard or to hone their skills at this world-class facility. Since opening in 2011, it has attracted increasing numbers of skate enthusiasts from around the world.

Did you know?

A number of former water catchment dams in South Africa are now popular skateboarding arenas.

If you dream of skateboarding with the professionals, you need to make your way to the internationally renowned Maloof Skate Plaza in Kimberley.

A world-class skate park in the rural climes of the Northern Cape, you may ask? Well, the city of Kimberley and Northern Cape Tourism recognised an opportunity to be included on the international pro-skateboarding circuit, in the form of the Maloof Money Cup, which would attract tourists from around the world, and at the same time offer the local community a healthy, exciting sporting facility.

And this American-designed skate park has achieved both these goals.

In September each year, the Maloof Money Cup (which boasts prize money of several million rands) is held at the Maloof Skate Plaza, bringing international skateboarders and skateboard fans to Kimberley. The pros become role models for the youngsters in town, and for the rest of the year the skate park is alive with local kids, particularly on weekends.

The skate-park manager and two assistants offer free lessons on weekends and encourage everyone, particularly youngsters, to take up this sport. Those who don’t have skateboards are loaned or given them, depending on their circumstances.

A diamond shape has been incorporated into the Maloof Skate Plaza, which was designed by Joe Ciaglia of California Skate Parks and pro-skater Geoff Rowley. The plaza was constructed on land donated by international diamond-mining corporation De Beers, which has its roots in Kimberley, a city that is famed for its diamonds and which is also known as “Diamond City”.

The skate park has put Kimberley on the international skating map, and boosted the Northern Cape’s excellent spread of adventure sports offerings.

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Who to contact

Maloof Skate Plaza
Manager: Mike Koroczynsky
Cellphone: +27 (0)71 431 4560
Email: mkoroczynsky@yahoo.com

What will it cost

The Maloof Skate Plaza has no entry charge.

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