iKapa Dance Theatre Productions stages contemporary dance shows involving world-class performers. It also has a wide-ranging social responsibility brief that includes outreach programmes, youth development schedules and inspiring apprenticeship courses for the under-privileged communities around Cape Town. Led by two highly motivated choreographers and dancers, iKapa has already won a number of accolades in the dance world.

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Tourists can attend special two-hour iKapa performance workshops, experience a training class and meet the directors.

The pay-off line of the Cape Town-based iKapa Dance Theatre is ‘Inspiration in motion’. Another equally apt slogan for this exceptional group of performers and motivators is ‘Empowering people through dance.’

Founded in 2007 as a non-profit dance company, iKapa aims beyond excellence on the stage.

Founders Theo Ndidwa and Tanya Arshamian – both skilled dancers with international experience – use their chosen medium for positive social change in local communities.

iKapa is about contemporary dance. It’s also about apprenticeship programmes, a youth dance theatre and training and outreach activities involving more than 300 children in the under-privileged Western Cape communities of Gugulethu, Khayelitsha, Philippi and New Crossroads. Students in the training and outreach programme learn dance, combined with arts and culture appreciation.

iKapa goes a step further with these students, exposing them to career fairs and opportunities and introducing them to an ongoing nutritional development programme.

At the core of iKapa, however, is a finely-honed professional dance theatre group. It draws from a bank of top-shelf freelance dancers for various productions – sometimes leading overseas performers are invited to join projects as well.

In the six years the company has been together, it has staged a number of shows and won many accolades.

The iKapa Dance Training and Outreach programme takes the form of thrice-weekly dance classes in various community centres based in Cape Town townships. iKapa provides a safe, healthy and creative space for the young students, the best of whom become eligible to join the Youth Dance Company as apprentices.

Other classes include life skills, including insights into substance abuse. The whole programme has been designed to enhance the students’ skills, co-operative abilities and self-confidence.

The next step, the Youth Dance Theatre, involves selected students aged between 11 and 21 and is crucial in skills transfer. It is here that young dancers learn the various styles like ballet, contemporary and African dance.

The innovations at iKapa don’t stop here. There are additional training programmes, in-house performance sessions and an iKapa Dance Arts Festival where the members’ work is showcased.

It’s all about the dance, but also so much more than the dance…

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