The Grand Daddy’s Penthouse trailer park is a novel way of experiencing the Mother City! Consisting of a collection of vintage Airstream caravans situated on top of the Grand Daddy hotel, each trailer has been individually designed and decorated by a creative Cape Town soul.

Did you know?

 Daddy Long Legs is the only hospitality group in the world that can lay claim to having created a penthouse trailer park on top of a city hotel. 

The concept of a penthouse trailer park on top of a Cape Town hotel is creative and outlandish and is certainly a talking point for visitors to the Mother City.

The Grand Daddy penthouse trailer park is a novel idea in every sense, and easily fits into the Daddy Long Legs offbeat brand for travellers who want a bit more than the average city hotel experience.

The Daddy Long Legs concept began with an independent traveller's hotel in the heart of Cape Town. Each room was individually decorated and conceptualised by a local artist, and the crazy concept was extremely popular with locals and foreign visitors.. Building on the idea that tourists to this country are looking for something a little different, the owners went a few steps further and created a penthouse trailer park on top of the Grand Daddy Hotel in Cape Town.

A collection of vintage Airstream caravans consisting of seven two-sleeper suites, are the result of homegrown creativity and ingenuity as a group of artists were let loose on the trailers.

There's the Afro-Funk trailer inspired by Cape Town's street fashion; there's the Dorothy trailer with its Duck-egg-blue foundation and gargantuan white polka dots; the Ballad of John and Yoko trailer is an artistic tribute to the famous couple; Earthcote moontides, a trailer-type symphony of gentle colour; the Love of Lace trailer (say no more); the Goldilocks and the Three Bears trailer (a fairytale reinvented!); and the Pleasantville trailer which mimics a utopian '50's-style home sweet home.

You might be staying in a trailer park, but every comfort is on tap. They Airstreams are well insulated, air-conditioned and have hot and cold running water (as well as the necessary ablutions). You can even invite newfound friends over to watch a movie at The Pink Flamingo outdoor cinema...!

So book yourself a trailer atop the Grand Daddy hotel, the owners call it Africa's take on American iconography and our international visitors just love the idea.

Travel tips & Planning info

Who to contact

Grand Daddy Hotel
38 Long Street, Cape Town
Tel: +27 (0)21 424 7247

How to get here

Situated at 38 Long Street Cape Town, the Grand Daddy Hotel is in the heart of the Mother City.

Best time to visit

Anytime is a good time to visit the Mother City. Winter is the wet season (and it can get pretty chilly too). Summer is a great time to visit if you want to experience the city’s fabulous beaches and warm evenings that stretch on until 9pm.

Around the area

Discover the fun bars and restaurants of Long Street – the epi-centre of Cape Town’s nightlife. Head off to the V&A Waterfront for shopping, catch a cable car ride up Table Mountain, go for cocktails in Camps Bay…. it’s all nearby.

Tours to do

Robben Island is a must. Why not take a trip up Table Mountain or enjoy a quiet picnic at Kirstenbosch. The Cape Care Route is a fun tour to consider - it gives you the 'other side' of Cape Town city life.

Get around

If you're staying in the heart of the Mother City, its really easy to get around. Walking the city streets is great, or book yourself on organised tours. The Daddy Long Legs Travel Centre will be able to help you with all travel arrangements.

Length of stay

This is Cape Town, the place is a addictive – stay as long as you like.

Where to stay

Book your space the Grand Daddy Airstream Penthouse Trailer Park. There is also the Grand Daddy boutique hotel and the Daddy Long Legs independent traveller’s art hotel.

What to eat

No shortage of restaurants in and around Cape Town. There's anything and everything from award-winning eateries to African-inspired restaurants to delicious take-aways.

What's happening

There's always something happening on Loop Street - just step outside your trailer and you'll see what we mean!

Best buys

Head off to Greenmarket Square for local curios, arts and crafts and fun local items.

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