Finest Kind's cheese-making getaways are for those who want a little more from their holiday than the usual sightseeing or adventure excursions. You will be based at a working farm and learn traditional methods of making fresh yoghurt and a range of cheeses – making mozzarella along the Garden Route is a great way to spend your vacation.

Did you know?

Cheese first appeared somewhere around 7000 BC, during the Neolithic period.

Cheese-making courses in a beautiful setting is what Finest Kind cheese producers offers on its farm at The Crags, just outside Plettenberg Bay in the Western Cape.

This area forms part of the famed Garden Route that hugs a stretch of the South African coastline, along the south east of the country. It is easily one of the most sought-after regions in the country thanks to its scenic beaches, dense forests, lakes and endless vistas of the coastline. Upmarket spas, golfing estates, forest hideaways and excellent local cuisine draw both local and international travellers, and the area is a preferred destination of well-heeled adventurers and the esoteric-minded.

A working farm is the ideal place to learn the art of cheese- and yoghurt-making, and Finest Kind will give you the space and the opportunity to discover your inner chef.

The basic course requires no prior knowledge of cheese-making, and will ensure that you come away with the skill and technical know-how to make fromage frais (a soft, fresh cheese), yoghurt, feta and Gouda. You’ll even learn about brining, moulding, packaging and preservation. It’s a useful, fun experience that you can take home and impress the family with.

More ambitious learners who wish to acquire advanced skills can request a course in the making of specialised cheeses such as mozzarella.

Finest Kind’s cheese manufacturers keep abreast of international cheese trends and traditions, and to this end invite specialist cheese-makers from countries such as The Netherlands, France and Italy to guest lecture.

And when you’re done learning, you can spend some time in this relaxing holiday spot and enjoy the local specialities as well as the restorative scenery. For this reason courses run for two days over a Thursday and a Friday, allowing visitors to spend the weekend exploring the Garden Route.

Within close proximity of the cheese farm is a range of accommodation that includes a nature reserve, B&Bs and luxury options.

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