Drycleaners, laundries and laundromats are easily found

Doing laundry in South Africa comes with a few options. 

Most international hotels in South Africa offer same-day or day-after laundry, dry cleaning, and pressing services. On odd occasions when laundry will be delayed, such as on public holidays, they generally give guests advance warning.

If you'd prefer to source your own cleaners, you will find dry cleaning depots in some shopping malls and centres.  Be sure to ask when you can collect your cleaning, counting on 2-3 days.  A growing number of dry cleaners offer sewing services on site, and will take on mending or alterations.  Dying of clothing, as well as shoe repair services are offered by some dry cleaners, but these may require a few days wait.

South African self-service laundromats are less numerous, but can be found in shopping districts. Machines are coin-operated and you must supply your own washing powder and fabric softener. In some tourist areas, such as Sea Point's Main Road in Cape Town, where many accommodation facilities are situated, doing laundry is easy. You can drop your washing off at reasonably-priced laundry services (as opposed to dry cleaners), and collect it clean and ironed a day or two later.

South African laundry tip: If you have a particular item that requires specialist cleaning, discuss this with the dry cleaner and make sure you are happy they can do the job.  There are specialist dry cleaners who offer spot cleaning and special care for sensitive fabrics - ask around.


  • Where can I find laundry services?
  • Most establishments have in-house laundry services,  while most towns have self-operating launderettes where you can do your laundry at a very reasonable cost.