Top 10: Anglo-Zulu battle sites

The monument at Isandlwana battlefield The monument at Isandlwana battlefield

1 Isandlwana, KwaZulu-Natal

Where the Zulu army virtually wiped out British forces in one of the most famous battles ever fought on South African soil. more

2 Fugitives’ Drift, Dundee

Visit the famous graves on the banks of the Buffalo River. more

3 Fort Pine, KwaZulu-Natal Midlands

Visit this fort built in 1878 to defend the frontier. more

4 Rorke’s Drift, Dundee

Just 120 British soldiers fought off over 4000 Zulus in a heroic defence effort. more

5 Ntombe, Paulpietersburg

Zulu warriors attacked loaded supply wagons on the Ntombe River. more

6 Hlobane, Vryheid

Here the Zulu impis gave Redvers Buller and his men a run for their money on the slopes of the Hlobane Mountain. more

7 Kambula, Vryheid

After a four-hour battle the Zulus were driven out by heavy fire, and lost a significant number of warriors. more

8 Gingindlovu, Eshowe

In 1879, a bitter battle ensued with the British killing more than 1000 Zulus with the help of skilled artillery. more

9 The Prince Imperials Monument

This monument can be found between Vryheid and Dundee. In 1879 the Prince Imperial of France, Louis Napoleon, was stabbed and killed here in a Zulu ambush. more

10 Ulundi, KwaZulu-Natal

The Zulu army was defeated at Ulundi by British machine guns and artillery. A memorial on the battlefield commemorates the many deaths that took place. more