Why be an SA Specialist

The Benefits

Becoming a FUNDI makes you the go-to person for South African travel information – a trusted specialist that travelers will buy from because they recognise your knowledge and expertise.
Here are some of the many benefits to becoming a qualified FUNDI …

SA Specialist’s are a select group of experts that are in high demand year round. By becoming a FUNDI you’ll set yourself apart from competitors by providing unique, custom-tailored travel experiences to South Africa to your clients.

Being an SA Specialist is a lucrative, enjoyable position to be in. Specialists have the power to negotiate in their favour.

As a specialist, you are more productive. You won’t waste time on research and planning, or risk losing the sale, you'll already be well-versed in the destination.

Being an expert is satisfying! The ability to address your clients needs, concerns and queries with confidence leads to a strong sense of pride.

What are you waiting for? Become a South African SA Specialist NOW!

The Rules:

  • Complete all the modules and submit your online evaluation
  • You need to achieve 80% or more for your evaluation in order to become an SA Specialist

HAVE FUN learning about our beautiful country, so you can SELL, SELL, SELL…