20 August 2013

SAT's 'Shark Friendzy' campaign gets fantastic response

South African Tourism (SAT) North America capitalised on the Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week by launching its own campaign leveraging South Africa’s association with sharks.

Participants were invited to uploading their own images into the ‘Shark Friendzy’ app. Participants were invited to upload their own images to the 'Shark Friendzy' app

Over the 12 days, the “Shark Friendzy” campaign generated 13 791 new Facebook fans, was shared 1 033 times, reached more than 180 775 people and acquired a total of 2 653 sweepstakes entries. – Sthu Zungu, president of SAT North America

Discovery Channel's Shark Week – during which the channel focuses its programming on all things shark-related – dominated social media conversations throughout the United States during the week starting 4 August 2013.

With much of the programming featuring South African locations, SAT North America capitalised on Shark Week by launching its own 'Shark Friendzy' campaign on social media. It created an online, animated, virtual shark cage-dive app in partnership with South African Airways (SAA) and South African company Marine Dynamics Shark Tours.

Users were invited to check out the virtual cage-dive app on SAT’s Visit South Africa Facebook page and sign up to 'dive in' to the cage for the chance of winning a shark cage-diving trip to South Africa. They were also invited to personalise the cage by adding a photograph of themselves from their Facebook profile, and to upload shark cage-diving photos to the hashtag #sharkfriendzy on Twitter. 

The more friends users invited to sign up, the more chances they stood to win.

The 'Shark Friendzy' app landing tab also appeared on the SAA and Marine Dynamics Facebook pages, enabling visitors to access the app and sign up on the social media platforms of all three partners.

'This was a grassroots campaign leveraging South Africa’s association with sharks by engaging fans already excited over the Shark Week programming, without us having had to actually partner with Discovery Channel,’ said Sthu Zungu, president of SAT North America.

During the 12-day campaign, SAT North America also created an editorial calendar on its Visit South Africa Facebook page that featured only shark information, such as info-graphics, shark photography and various shark facts.

'Over the 12 days, the "Shark Friendzy" campaign generated 13 791 new Facebook fans, was shared 1 033 times, reached more than 180 775 people and acquired a total of 2 653 sweepstakes entries,' added Zungu.

The total reach of the Facebook page during the sweepstakes was 6 156 659 people, who didn't necessarily interact with the sweepstakes but interacted with the shark content on the site.

There will be a random draw to select the winner, who will wing his or her way to South Africa, with a partner, on SAA. The two will enjoy a shark cage-diving trip courtesy of Marine Dynamics.