12 February 2013

A jam-packed programme for Meetings Africa 2013

Delegates to Meetings Africa 2013 can expect a packed programme providing excellent opportunities for learning, strategising, creating business deals and networking.

BRICS panel discussion, Meetings Africa 2012, Meetings Africa The BRICS panel discussion at Meetings Africa 2012 was one of the best-attended events.

This year we want to amplify our strength as an African continent united in growing business event arrivals. – Thulani Nzima, CEO, South African Tourism

The first day of Meetings Africa 2013, 18 February, is aptly titled ‘BOND Day’ (Business Opportunity Networking Day) – a day on which delegates can share knowledge and strategise for growth in the business events industry. There will be a number of workshops, seminars and networking events on this day, which will be attended by the industry’s leading local and global experts.

Among the ‘BOND Day’ highlights is the Event Greening Forum, where key industry players will discuss sustainable, responsible and fair practices in business events. All Meetings Africa delegates are welcome to attend.

Another highlight is the all-day African Association meeting – aimed at encouraging the national and pan-African association communities to partner effectively to grow the continent’s share of the lucrative global business event market. Fifty-four African associations are attending the event.

The IMEX-MCI-MPI Future Leaders Forum is aimed at encouraging the best-performing travel and tourism students to make a career in business events and find mentors in the industry.

A number of other interesting meetings, events and workshops are taking place, full details of which can be found on the Meetings Africa website.

On Tuesday, February 19, South African Minister of Tourism Marthinus van Schalkwyk will officially open the show. In his opening address, he will set the stage for what Meetings Africa 2013 hopes to achieve.

There will be a BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) panel discussion on Wednesday, 20 February 2012. It will feature high-profile speakers debating the value of the BRICS global partnership for its member states. It will also explore opportunities for Africa to unite to unlock the rich potential of business events on the continent. Africa currently has some of the world’s fastest growing economies and is one of the most exciting emerging business events destinations.

The panel discussion takes place just days ahead of the important and strategic BRICS Summit in Durban.
Thulani Nzima, South African Tourism's CEO, said that this year Meetings Africa aimed to ‘amplify our strengths as an African continent united in growing business events arrivals.

'The goal is to attract more regional and global business events to this continent and in so doing increase our overall tourist arrivals,' he said.

For more information, visit the Meetings Africa website.