• Art walks in Johannesburg

    Art walks in Johannesburg

    13 September 2013

    Johannesburg is a beautiful city to walk through. Amid the hustle and bustle of the inner city, take a walk and discover its public art installations, galleries and art studios.

  • Mrs Ples

    Mrs Ples

    11 September 2013

    Discovered at the Sterkfontein Caves near Johannesburg in 1947, Mrs Ples' skull is one of the most famous and important fossil finds in the world.

  • Little Foot

    Little Foot

    11 September 2013

    An important link to our past, Little Foot's fossil skeleton is millions of years old. It was found inside the Sterkfontein Caves, one of the most important fossil sites in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site.

  • Honeymoons in Gauteng

    Honeymoons in Gauteng

    4 September 2013

    A honeymoon in Gauteng is not going to be boring, that's for sure, as you combine the best of urban and country adventures.

  • 12 Decades Johannesburg Art Hotel

    12 Decades Johannesburg Art Hotel

    3 September 2013

    With its individually themed and designed rooms, the 12 Decades Johannesburg Art Hotel offers visitors to the Maboneng Precinct a unique experience of inner-city hospitality.

  • Beefcakes burger bars, Cape Town and Johannesburg

    Beefcakes burger bars, Cape Town and Johannesburg

    1 September 2013

    Beefcakes burger bar and restaurant is a dining extravaganza for those searching for a quirky dining experiences that combines great food, great entertainment and a penchant for being OTT.

  • ​Take a tour of Soweto

    ​Take a tour of Soweto

    15 August 2013

    Soweto is South Africa's best-known township. There are many different ways to visit this sprawling area, which started out as an encampment for black mineworkers and is now large enough to be called a city in its own right.

  • DW eleven-13, Johannesburg

    DW eleven-13, Johannesburg

    1 August 2013

    DW eleven-13 is the brainchild of superchef Marthinus Ferreira, who believes that less is often a whole lot more, and that a menu should be dictated by the seasons.