Battlefields of South Africa

South Africa's battlefields mark the saga of our modern history. While there must have been many territorial disputes before 1652, most of South Africa's historic battlefields cover the period from when Dutch settlers first arrived to the end of the South African War in 1902. more

The Battle of Blaauwberg

Maybe it wasn’t much as grand old-time battles go, but the Battle of Blaauwberg, fought within sight of Cape Town’s Table Mountain in 1806, set the colonial power of Britain up in the Cape Colony for more than a century and ended the era of Dutch rule once and for all. more

The Battle of Grahamstown

Less than a year before the arrival of the 1820 Settlers from Britain, the frontier settlement of Grahamstown was attacked by a great Xhosa army – and if it had not been for superior British firepower and last-minute interventions by a squad of buffalo hunters, the Xhosa might well have won the day. more

The Bushveld Carbineers

Limpopo province is full of myths, legends and rollicking adventure stories. One of these stories is about the hard-riding multi-national unit called the Bushveld Carbineers, formed during the South African War (also known as the Anglo-Boer War), and one of its officers who became an Australian folk hero: Lieutenant Harry ‘Breaker’ Morant. more

Blockhouses of the South African War

Not all of the 8000-odd blockhouses built during the South African War look the same. Some resemble large granaries, others modern-day electricity ‘sub-stations’, while others appear as fanciful little castles. But they were all intended to do the same job: keeping the ever-mobile Boers from accessing British supply lines. more