Credo Mutwa Cultural Village

The Credo Mutwa Cultural Village is located in the heart of Soweto. It consists of a remarkable collection of buildings and sculptures, which attempt to document African art, culture, folklore and architecture. The village is also a journey into the mind of one of South Africa’s most intriguing cultural figures. more

Sudwala Caves Cultural Village

While the caves invite you to discover the history of the earth itself, the village invites you to discover Nguni history, art and culture. Look out for beadwork, clay pots, woven items, woodcarvings and ceremonial artefacts of the Zulu and the Swazi; and the Ndebele people. more

DumaZulu Cultural Village

At DumaZulu Cultural Village, visitors are invited to experience authentic hospitality and learn about traditional arts, crafts and ways of life of the Zulu Kingdom. Experience the beat of the Zulu drums, taste the locally brewed beer and discover the rich cultural significance of Zululand’s famous beadwork, basketry, pottery and weaving. more