Constitution Hill, Johannesburg

Johannesburg’s Constitution Hill remembers the horrors of the past, and yet embraces the promises of the future, marrying them with the reality of the present. It is home to the Constitutional Court, the birthplace of our democracy and protector of our human rights. more

Eksteenfontein in the Richtersveld

The little town of Eksteenfontein in the Richtersveld World Heritage Site has a fascinating history. Those who ended up here were victims of racism and Apartheid rules. In the 1990s, fortunes changed as the people of the Richtersveld realised how valuable and sensitive the local plant life was. more

St Lucia Arts & Crafts

The difference a craft project has made in people's lives in northern Kwazulu-Natal is nothing short of spectacular. The crafters now have access to goods like solar panels, cellphones and school uniforms for their children. Their incomes have increased tenfold  –  as has their families' quality of life. more