The Wild Oats Community Farmers’ Market is much more than just a food market. Located near the Swartvlei lagoon on the outskirts of the town of Sedgefield, the market’s within easy reach of George and Knysna and has some of the best fresh produce available on the Garden Route.

The Wild Oats Community Farmers’ Market was started in 1999 by Rose Brettell and Susan Garner, whose vision was to create a food-only farmers’ market in Sedgefield where seasonal, local foods could be sold direct from Garden Route based farmers and producers at competitive prices to the public in an old-fashioned country setting.

The appeal of the Wild Oats market in Sedgefield is its fair pricing (usually well below retail) and the exclusivity of the products sold: preference is given to producers who sell at the Wild Oats Community Farmers’ Market exclusively. A strong focus on product quality and seasonal produce ensures shoppers get the best and freshest foods, and sellers avoid an over supply of products and keep wastage to a minimum.

Permanent wooden market stalls are arranged around a tree-shaded seating area with rustic timber tables and wooden log-stools for up to 600 people. Foodies are heartily encouraged to first do their shopping and then eat what they’ve purchased in the communal area or enjoy a legendary Wild Oats cooked breakfast. Kids have ample space to run and play, and well-behaved pets on leashes are welcome.

Come rain or shine, the farmers’ market in Sedgefield offers a veritable feast of artisan breads, handmade charcuterie, eggs, milk, cakes, bakes, local cheese, fresh vegetables, herbs and fruit, preserves, chutneys, fresh and smoked meats and fish, honey and more.

Virtually all the items sold are organic, natural or free-range. Please note that the market is open from sunrise until 11:30am on a Saturday. Trade is brisk and early birds definitely score the best spoils. Limited amounts of non-edible items such as water-wise plants, bunches of flowers, and hand crafted cosmetics are sold too.

Sustainability and recycling is central to the Wild Oats Community Farmers’ Market’s food philosophy. Food vendors selling ready-to-eat goods typically use recyclable containers and it’s expected that shoppers will use the recycle bins provided for all other waste.

Aside from the range and quality of foods, the Wild Oats market’s bestseller is its festive, family-friendly atmosphere. Stall holders and shoppers greet each other like kin, and visitors will instantly feel welcome in the company of this weekly gathering of community-minded, environmentally conscious food lovers.

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