The Hunter Gatherer Trail is a five-day hiking trail along the beautiful Garden Route in the Western Cape. While the spectacular scenery of the region is a major drawcard, so too is the opportunity to learn more about the early history of the area.

Did you know?

Typical Khoisan adults stood between 1.5m and 1.6m tall.

The Garden Route has a magical allure about it, remaining largely pristine despite many decades of urbanisation. The Hunter Gatherer Trail allows explorers to learn about how the ancient Khoisan inhabitants of this region lived centuries ago.

This hiking trail starts in Boggomsbaai, near Mossel Bay, and ends in Gouritz five days later. Daily hiking distances vary between 12km and 20km, depending on the fitness levels of those in the hiking party.

Accommodation is basic but adequate, with the option of tents, dormitories and rustic cottages. Ablution facilities are available at each stop. You have the option of cooking your food on an open fire and you can even catch your own food if you fancy a bit of fishing. The tour guides along this hike will be able to provide a range of historical and geological information along the way, meaning that in addition to all the exercise, you will learn a lot too.

You will visit Stone Age workshops that provide insight into what implements the Khoisan used in their daily lives. Your guides will also talk you through the hunting weapons and methods that the Khoisan used.

There is a rich range of birdlife along the Hunter Gatherer Trail and some of the species you will see include oystercatchers, sand plovers and fish eagles.

The Hunter Gather Trail offers a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to escape the daily grind of the urban environment and get back to basics, the basics that were enjoyed by the Khoisan many centuries past.

Travel tips & Planning info

Who to contact

The Hunter Gatherer Trail
Tel: +27 (0)44 699 1204

How to get here

Mossel Bay lies just off the N2 highway, about halfway between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. The town is 30 minutes from the George Airport.

Best time to visit

The summer months between October and April are the warmest, with the most daylight hours. Winters can be very wet.

What will it cost

Tour operators offer hiking packages starting R3 200 per person, which includes accommodation and meals on the hike.

What to pack

Bring your own sleeping bag and make sure you have sturdy hiking boots that are worn in before starting this hiking trail. And don't forget sunscreen and a hat, especially in summer.

Where to stay

All overnight accommodation on the hike is included.

What to eat

All meals on the hike are included.

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