Johannesburg's Greenside Café has earned a reputation for its varied and interesting menu, which includes delectable items such as the Pizza Yogi, mushroom burger (aka the Burger King), superb salads and delicious breakfasts – all of which are fun and karma-friendly. The place is a health-lover's dream come true.

Did you know?

The Greenside Café was awarded Best Vegetarian Menu in the Leisure Options People's Choice Awards for 2010 and 2011.

The Greenside Café is an award-winning vegetarian and vegan restaurant in the suburb of Greenside in Johannesburg, which is known for its strip of trendy restaurants.

Soothing colours, Buddha images and a laidback mood create an atmosphere of modern-day urban sanctuary.

Owner Dimitri Gutjahr’s menu aims to energise and heal, and provides comfort items such as his version of a 'full English breakfast' with refried beans (a taste sensation), paired with grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and tofu. You can also enjoy the satisfying veggie sausage, avocado and tomato sandwich or – if you like the perfume, colours and textures of food to seduce you – the fresh fruit salad with cashew cream.

It’s a good idea to arrive with an appetite.

The restaurant spills onto the pavement and combines alfresco dining with wholesome ingredients to produce hits like the mango salad, with cucumber, almonds, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, mint and coriander.

Other customer favourites include the Burger King (a mushroom, nut and bean combo) and the Norah Bella Dahl, served with wilted spinach and carrot millet, which is a dish famed for its alkalinising properties. The Pizza Yogi, which is gluten free, is a taste treat of artichokes, olives, tomatoes, mushrooms, avocado, spinach, oregano and basil, while the ratatouille quiche features bell peppers, courgettes and herbs.

Vegetarian restaurants in Johannesburg are increasingly vegan friendly, and the Greenside Café specialises in vegan treats. Think tofu and sweet potato wrap, roasted walnut, butternut and avo salad, and downright dangerous desserts such as carrot cake, chocolate brownies, cupcakes and mixed berry pudding.

Even the drinks pack a punch. Try the unusual, tart combo of whole lemon, olive oil and ginger, called a Lemon Blast, to flush the liver. Fans also swear by Angelina’s Hot Chocolate, made with Belgian dark chocolate.

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Who to contact

The Greenside Café
Tel: +27 (0)11 646 3444
Cell: +27 (0)76 689 8983

How to get here

The Greenside Café is easily accessible from Barry Hertzog Avenue and is situated along the popular Gleaneagles Road restaurant strip in Greenside.

Best time to visit

Open for breakfast and lunch Tuesday to Sunday. Open for dinner Friday and Saturday. No alcohol is permitted, so bear that in mind.

Around the area

Emmarentia Dam is close by and just the spot for a nice, leisurely walk or picnic. The boutique shops and antique stores of Parkhurst are also close by.

Tours to do

Organise a walking tour in Johannesburg with Past Experiences – it has a variety of tours on offer.

Get around

You can organise a transfer or taxi from your hotel to Greenside. Having your own car in Johannesburg is also useful.

What will it cost

The Greenside Café is reasonably priced: salads will cost around R60, pizzas and mains around R70-plus, while desserts are in the region of R30. Have a look at its online menu for the latest prices.

What to eat

There are daily 'raw food specials', so ask your waiter for more information. The vegan pizzas on wheat-free bases are popular, as is the tofu tagliatelle. If you have a sweet tooth, then the list of 'healthy' desserts will delight.

What's happening

Greenside is known for its restaurants and nightlife.

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