The Goodman Gallery has branches in Johannesburg and Cape Town. It represents many of South Africa's best known contemporary artists, encouraging them to address new aesthetic, social, political and economic themes and challenge the status quo.

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The Goodman Gallery has a showroom at One&Only hotel at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.

The Goodman Gallery, launched in 1970, has always aimed to exhibit thought-provoking art. It focuses on artists – from around the country, the continent and further afield – who engage in artistic dialogue with an African context.

The driving ideal of this contemporary art gallery is one of development, particularly the development of artistic talent and cultural consciousness.

In pursuit of this, the Goodman Gallery is committed to showcasing established artists, while also unearthing and developing new talent. The gallery represents over 40 South African and African artists, including William Kentridge, Kendell Geers and David Goldblatt.

Having been involved in the seminal Art Against Apartheid exhibition in 1985, the gallery has always stood by its socio-political ideals. Today its content is geared towards reflecting the issues and debates of South Africa’s young democracy.

As well as taking South African art to major international museum shows and fairs, the Goodman Gallery has also brought various international artists to South Africa to exhibit alongside local artists.

African-born artists such as Ghada Amer and Kader Attia, who confront Northern African politics, post-colonialism and social despotism, have both been included in the gallery’s programme. African-American artists Hank Willis Thomas and Kara Walker, whose work speaks to the global effects of racial oppression, have also featured. In addition, South African-born artists who have relocated overseas, like Adam Broomberg, Oliver Chanarin and Candice Breitz, are also represented.

The gallery has major spaces in Johannesburg and Cape Town. In addition, the Goodman Gallery Projects, at Arts on Main in Johannesburg, is an experimental space for younger and emerging artists, and for experimental or non-commercial projects and installations.

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