A visit to the South African Breweries (SAB) World of Beer in Johannesburg's Newtown Cultural Precinct offers a fascinating introduction to the history of beer and brewing. It's a must-visit attraction when in town.

Did you know?

Umqombothi is a popular African traditional beer made from sorghum.

Bringing the history of beer to life, the SAB World of Beer is a popular visitor attraction that uses 3D movies, floating holograms and a large screen with surround sound to tell the tale of this popular South African alcoholic beverage.

The SAB World of Beer offers a 90-minute tour that kicks off with a warm welcome from Charles Glass, the brewmaster who brought the world Castle Lager and the man who laid the foundations for SAB as it is known today.

From there, visitors are taken on an entertaining and highly informative history of beer-making, from the earliest known evidence of beer-brewing in Egypt and Mesopotamia to the honky-tonk beer halls of the gold-rush era of Johannesburg.

You will learn the secrets of African beer-making and taste some traditional sorghum beer; learn how world-renowned brewmaster Josef Groll, living amid the stone streets and arcades of Bohemia, created the world’s first clear and golden beer; experience the atmosphere of a typical township shebeen; and walk through the on-site greenhouse and learn about the different plants used to make beer.

From there, trace the actual beer-brewing process, step-by-step, before finishing your tour in the Tap Room, where you can enjoy two cold ones on the house.

Owned and operated by South African Breweries, the World of Beer is situated in Johannesburg's Newtown Cultural Precinct, one of the city's most prominent cultural and entertainment hubs.

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