Inspired by the subcontinent, Masala Dosa is a colourful eatery that serves Indian cuisine in an environment that is equal parts Bollywood and Cape Town. The popular South Indian breakfast dish, from which the restaurant derives its name, is a staple on the menu, which also features a number of popular vegetarian options.

Did you know?

Owner and chef Amit Raz went to cooking school in India before opening his restaurant in 2007.

Masala Dosa, conveniently situated on Long Street in the centre of Cape Town, is a bustling Indian restaurant known for its atmosphere as much as for its delicious cuisine.

According to owner Amit Raz, the menu is based on the South Indian breakfast dish of crispy rice and lentil pancakes, known as dosa, from which the restaurant gets its name. Dosa is a popular street food in India; the dish is not common in Indian restaurants.

Traditionally, masala dosa is served with a potato curry, coconut sauce, and a spicy vegetable and lentil broth called sambar. The restaurant serves several variants of the dish, where the basic pancake is accompanied by fragrant, simply spiced, South Indian curries. These include potatoes with onions, curry leaves, mustard seeds and mixed beans in a rich sauce; chicken and butternut flavoured with aromatic spices and coconut cream; and lamb cubes in a creamy tomato gravy and channa masala, which is made with chickpeas.

The dishes are mild, but you can order extra chilli on the side. In keeping with its roots as a street food, the dosa is eaten by hand, although cutlery is available on request.

Masala Dosa also serves thali, which consists of small portions of various curries, sambals and puri. Its 5-dish option is popular, and you can expect to combine chicken or lamb curry with mixed bean curry, cauliflower, pea curry and chickpea curry.

These dishes are served with lentil broth, traditional raita (yoghurt with mint and cucumber), puri, poppadums and rice, as well as extras like coriander, chilli and chutney. A selection of wine, beers and lassis is available.

If you're looking for good vegetarian restaurants in Cape Town, look no further. The quality and variety of meat-free options on the menu make it a favourite among health-conscious vegetarians.

Travel tips & Planning info

Who to contact

Masala Dosa
Tel: +27 (0)21 424 6772

How to get here

Masala Dosa is located at 167 Long Street, in the centre of Cape Town's city bowl.

Best time to visit

The restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday, with lunch from 12h00 to 16h30 and dinner from 18h00 to 22h30.

Tours to do

When visiting the bathroom at Masala Dosa, look out for its unusual 'sacred cow’ sculpture.

Get around

You can move around the hotspots of bustling Long Street quite easily on foot. Taxis are available if you want to travel further afield.

What will it cost

A meal at Masala Dosa costs between R100 and R150 per person.

Where to stay

Cape Town is home to some wonderfully quirky accommodation options. Try the Airstream Penthouse Park, part of the Grand Daddy hotel, at 38 Long Street, Cape Town. Or check the Cape Town Tourism website (listed under Contacts) for hundreds of other accommodation options.

What's happening

Masala Dosa offers cooking classes that will teach you how to cook with South Indian spices. As well as roasting and grinding spice mixes, you will learn basic curry preparation and how to make roti. Once the lesson is over, you can enjoy the variety of curries you have prepared. Note that classes are subject to a minimum booking of 8 and maximum booking of 16 people.

Best buys

Masala Dosa recently launched a range of roasted spice blends, packaged in beautiful, reusable jars.