Kelly’s Beach in the town of Port Alfred on South Africa’s east coast, is the ideal place to take the whole family on holiday. The warm, gentle waters of the Indian Ocean provide a great opportunity for youngsters to experience swimming in the sea with their parents.

Did you know?

The town of Port Alfred was established by British settlers in the 1820s.

Kelly’s Beach has won various awards over the years and has Blue Flag status, which means it is recognised by international standards as a beach that offers excellent value to visitors, as well as the surrounding environment.

Factors such as safety, cleanliness, ablution facilities and lifeguard services are some of the factors considered when awarding Blue Flag status to a beach. The Blue Flag website states that Kelly’s Beach is comparable to beaches in Scandanavia and is 'well worth a visit'.

Unlike the beaches in Scandanavia, however, bathers at the Port Alfred beach can enjoy warm waters throughout the year. The warm Agulhas current that flows south along the east coast of South Africa, ensures that the water temperatures at Kelly’s Beach are nice and warm.

The 400m-long beach offers ample space for various beach activities. Sun-seekers can gaze out into the horizon and maybe even spot whales and dolphins frolicking in the ocean.

Surfing is a popular activity at Kelly’s Beach, with beach breaks that offer both right- and left-hand waves. The wind comes mainly from the north-west, and swells in excess of 3m are fairly common.

For parents with young children, the demarcated swimming area on Kelly’s Beach offers gentle conditions for you to try out with them. Boogie boards can also be hired so that children and adults can have fun in the waves together.

The soft brown sands of Kelly’s Beach are ideal for building large sandcastles and keeping children amused for hours.

The south-east coastline of South Africa is characterised by its largely unspoilt sand dunes and sections of vegetation, with Kelly’s Beach fitting the mould splendidly.

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