The Enkosini Wildlife Sanctuary is a dream come true for founders and managers Kelcey Grimm and Greg Mitchell. With the enthusiastic help of international and local volunteers, they are establishing a unique wildlife reserve in South Africa.

Did you know?

The area where Enkosini Wildlife Sanctuary is located is completely malaria-free.

The Enkosini Wildlife Sanctuary was formed in 2001. Since then, the American founders and managers Kelcey Grimm and Greg Mitchell have established a spectacular 20 000 acre wildlife reserve located on a magnificent escarpment of rolling mountains and plains in the Mpumalanga province.

Enkosini is in the process of re-introducing animals onto the land and the sanctuary also aims to provide protection for orphaned, injured and displaced wildlife.

Enkosini Wildlife Sanctuary profiles itself as a bushveld haven, offering an experience for nature lovers who are interested in more than the Big Five. This sanctuary is one of many wildlife projects that offer conservation volunteer work in South Africa, mainly aimed at international visitors who pay a fee for the privilege of hands-on work in the African bush.

Enkosini is home to many species of indigenous birds and flora. The relaxed atmosphere provides an antidote to the stresses of everyday living, all while you contribute to a worthy cause.

Volunteers have the experience of establishing a game reserve and will be involved in the introduction of animals in three phases: first the plains game, including zebra, wildebeest, and impala. This will be followed by larger herbivores including rhino, buffalo and giraffe and ultimately, by predators, including cheetah, spotted hyena, wild dog and lion.

Enkosini is a Zulu word that means "place of kings". The reserve is mainly made up of old farmland, where Grimm and Mitchell are trying to build a self-sustaining model of responsible conservation that preserves Africa's natural heritage and enhances the local economy through overseas capital injection via wildlife volunteer work in South Africa.

Travel tips & Planning info

Who to contact

Enkosini Eco-Experience
Mobile: +27 (0) 82 442 6773

How to get here

Enkosini Wildlife Sanctuary volunteers will be picked up at O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg and will be transported to the wildlife sanctuary near Lydenburg. Alternate transport options are detailed on their website.

Best time to visit

The sanctuary can be visited any time of year.

Tours to do

Enkosini offers camping safaris to Kruger National Park for their volunteers.

Length of stay

Varies from two weeks to six months for volunteers. General visitors will need a day.

What to pack

Volunteers have to bring their own sleeping bags and clothing, but shouldn't worry about much else.

Where to stay

Volunteers live on the sanctuary grounds.

What to eat

A volunteer contribution covers meals, but you'll need pocket money for drinks and snacks as well as any other activities planned while in South Africa.