Eating out in Bloemfontein is a pleasure. There’s something for every taste. Whether you’re keen on trying out boerekos ( traditional Afrikaans farm food), township fare, traditional meat and potatoes, fast food with a local twist or world-class designer cuisine, it's all there.

Did you know?

In Basotho tradition, it is up to the women to grind the maize and make beer for mealtimes.

Eating out in Mangaung/Bloemfontein is an absolute pleasure, especially for those with adventurous palates.

In the city of Bloemfontein BaSotho and Afrikaans food traditions merge on a plate. Portions are big and red meat is the name of the game so make sure that you arrive at your Free State dinner dates feeling hungry and carnivorous.

If you want to meet gregarious locals, visit Get Together on Nelson Mandela Drive. Don't be put off by the fact that the eatery is situated inside a converted car wash attached to a busy petrol station, rather concentrate on the delicious, Afrikaans style fast food delicacies such as vetkoek (deep-fried fritters filled with spicy mince).

If haute cuisine is your style, treat yourself at De Oude Kraal Country Estate, 35km south of the city. It is situated on a merino sheep farm that dates back to 1885. There are blesbok and black-headed herons in the gardens and five-course set menus in the dining room. Free State food traditions are reflected in caramelised sweet potatoes, clove-rich denningvleis lamb and malva pudding taking star roles in a gastronomic performance deluxe.

Another treat is the food at Seven on Kellner in Westdene who serves up reasonably priced Mediterranean-style food. Whether you pick wood-fired pizza or Harissa-rubbed lamb loin you are sure to find comfort and flavour on your plate.

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