A Cape jazz safari is an intimate evening excursion into the living rooms of Cape jazz and goema music virtuoso’s. Described as part township tour, part soiree, and part social history crash-course, music lovers will also discover Cape Town’s distinguished jazz heritage, and visit a renowned township jazz club.

Did you know?

Cape jazz is a blend of Khoisan and Cape minstrel vernacular music, American jazz, Afro-Brazilian rhythms, and influences from Europe and Asia.

What’s a Cape jazz safari like?

Imagine jazz legends like Miles Davis or Earl Klugh extended an open invitation to you to come over to their house, hang out with their family and friends, and listen to them blow, strum and jam just for you – well, it’s like that.

Only, possibly, a Cape jazz music tour is even better, because on this urban music encounter you’ll experience Cape jazz genres that few locals have enjoyed firsthand.

Led by a guide, usually a local jazz aficionado, your Cape jazz safari starts at the offices of the tour operater, Coffeebeans Routes, at 70 Wale Street in central Cape Town. Here guests are given an introduction to Cape jazz, a history that includes jazz greats like Abdullah Ibrahim and Basil Coetzee who translated the heartache of an oppressed nation into melodies.

Then, they depart by minibus to venues across the city. First stop will be the home of a jazz musician and a light meal before ending the evening in another home or for the final set at a jazz club. Swinger's jazz club in Lansdowne and the Mahogany Room in central Cape Town are regular stops for the late set.

Scheduled tours take place on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and are limited to 12 people. Even if there's only one person wanting to go on tour, the organisers will take them out.

Theory says, your tour lasts four hours, meaning you’ll be home around 11.30pm. Reality says, you won’t want your Cape jazz safari to end.

Travel tips & Planning info

Who to contact

Coffeebeans Routes
Tel: +27 (0)21 424 3572
E-mail: info@coffeebeansroutes.com

Best time to visit

Scheduled jazz safaris on Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Get around

The tours start at Coffeebeans Routes’ premises at 70 Wale Street.

What will it cost

The cost is R895 per person for a four-hour tour.

Length of stay

The tours start at 7pm and usually finish around 11:30pm.

What to eat

Your tour includes a light home-cooked meal.