The world-class Sci-Bono Discovery Centre in Newtown, Johannesburg, supports maths, science and technology education. It also encourages dynamic learning experiences that contribute to building science, engineering and technology capacity in South Africa.

Did you know?

The Sci-Bono Clubhouse, open every weekday afternoon, provides youths with the opportunity to learn more about animated graphics, video editing, Photoshop and music production – important skills for the 21st century.

The unassuming exterior of the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre, the largest and most visited science centre in South Africa, does not prepare one for the fun that is to be had inside. Upon entering, you encounter a giant science story that at first glance seems fiction, but on closer inspection confirms just how science-filled our lives are.

Open seven days a week, the centre is abuzz with learners from Grade R to matric, who witness science come to life through live experiments in the science laboratories and ICT lab, as well as the 240-seat auditorium. 

Also on display are 384 permanent exhibits. The mining exhibition, for example, provides information on how mining translates into our daily lives, such as in the field of technology. The science of soccer exhibit, and electricity and chemistry exhibits, are popular among learners. 

Sci-Bono works in line with the Gauteng Department of Education’s Mathematics, Science and Technology education strategy, providing outreach programmes in various districts in Gauteng. One of these is the Emasondosondo Mobile Science Project, which sends out a team of trained Maths and Physical Science teachers to schools in mainly rural and farm areas to teach learners in Grades 10 to 12. 

'The role of science centres is being debated nationally, and we can expect to see science centres following Sci-Bono’s lead and becoming more interactive in supporting education in the future,' says CEO David Kramer. 

On its annual calendar, Sci-Bono features events and programmes that appeal to everyone from toddlers to adults. A favourite among parents are the birthday parties, which are so popular that they have to be booked months in advance. 

Industry Focus Weeks aim to educate the public and also learners who are choosing their future careers: Sustainable Energy Week, Health Science Week, Earth Science Week, ICT Week, Maritime Week, Finance Week and Engineering Week offer in-depth focus on careers. 

With every day of the week available to you, it’s worth making your way to the centre. And parents can even drop off their kids and venture out to discover what else Newtown has to offer. 

Travel tips & Planning info

Who to contact

Sci-Bono Discovery Centre
Tel: +27 (0)11 639 8400

How to get here

Sci-Bono is situated on corner of Miriam Makeba Street and President Street, Johannesburg. Check the listed website for detailed directions.

Best time to visit

The centre is open seven days a week: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm; Saturday and Sunday 9.30am to 4.30pm.

Tours to do

The City Sightseeing Joburg Bus is a great way to see the entire Newtown area. It makes stops at Sci-Bono and the other above-mentioned destinations.

What will it cost

Entrance for children from three to 16 years is R20, while those older than 16 pay R35.

What's happening

Museum Africa, the South African Breweries World of Beer and the Market Theatre are all within walking distance.

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