Celebrity chef Pete Goffe-Wood, South Africa’s 'Kitchen Cowboy', is one of the country’s most acclaimed chefs. Straight talking but fuelled by passion, his food is edgy and inspired. He’s also one tough food critic, which made him the perfect choice as judge on MasterChef South Africa.

Did you know?

Pete Goffe-Wood is also the author of a book titled Kitchen Cowboys.

Celebrity chef Pete Goffe-Wood made his mark on the Cape Town food scene back in the early 1990s when fusion food was still a novelty in South Africa. His bold and brave Asian-, European- and African-inspired combo creations raised local food eyebrows.

But he knew what he was doing and his daring dishes went on to make him a star in the local food firmament. His food is a clever combination of exotic ingredients, deft technique and solid knowledge acquired on food pilgrimages abroad and while working in award-winning London restaurants (prior to his carving out a name for himself in the Mother City).

His out-there style earned him the moniker 'Kitchen Cowboy', a name he’s used for a stand at the Neighbourgoods Market in Cape Town, as well as his cooking workshops facilitated at the Kitchen Cowboys Canteen in Brickfield Road, Salt River. Kitchen Cowboys also does catering on a small and large scale.

Goffe-Wood is also well known as a judge on the popular MasterChef South Africa, and has served as a judge for the annual Eat Out awards, which celebrate excellence in the local food arena. He has also been a judge of the San Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants awards. He champions the cause of the Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative that encourages chefs, retailers and home cooks to use seafood in a sustainable manner.

He might be a trendsetter in his own right, but is a little cynical about the latest fads. He told local South African magazine, Taste, the following: 'Molecular mumbo jumbo will not last. We've had more foam, spoom, air and clouds than strictly allowed in polite company. What will remain, however, is a more scientific approach to cooking.'

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